January 22, 2019

For the past several decades, Cohen Hurkin Ehrenfeld Pomerantz & Tenenbaum, LLP,  has been one of the premiere law firms concentrating in the area of housing litigation, representing clients in landlord-tenant disputes every day, throughout the boroughs of New York City and its surrounding counties. The firm's clients range from large management companies to co-ops to small property owners. Our attorneys appear in landlord-tenant court each and every day that Housing Court is in session.

The process of commencing an eviction case in New York is neither simple or easy. It is both highly technical and requires a deep understanding of real property law and its legal procedures. The attorneys of Cohen Hurkin Ehrenfeld Pomerantz & Tenenbaum, LLP, have the comprehensive knowledge and experience to help guide you in this area of the law at very reasonable fees.

Please view a list of our practice areas to view our areas of concentration or contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Cohen Hurkin is proud to offer our clients the convenience of tracking their pending cases and viewing their buildings and properties via CHEPTrak.

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